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Passing the Baton

Mentorship comes full circle as the baton is passed. Back in the late 1980’s Eric Liljedahl was Receiver Coach, PE teacher and idol to Battle Ground High School student Mike Woodward.

"I was his TA every semester for four years of high school, and he was my idol. I played basketball with him everyday, learned a ton of football from him, and wanted to be just like him...he was literally the reason I became a teacher,” says Mike.

Eric had not only been a high school football star, but had gone on to play in college, signing on with the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent in 1978. “Him having a background in the NFL naturally gave me someone to look up to that had a ton of intricate knowledge and training about my specific position that most high school kids would never receive.”

Now the baton has been passed to Coach Woody. Just as the centennial year of Battle Ground Football commences, Coach Woody has finally returned home, with fire in his veins and an indomitable spirit. “If you cut me open I'd be willing to bet my blood would be orange and not red!”

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